Nominations are now being accepted for NYSLAA Executive Council.
Each year NYSLAA seeks nominations for the officers with terms that will expire at the end of the current year. This year we will be holding elections for the offices of President, Treasurer and Corresponding Secretary. You will find descriptions of each officer's duties listed below with all officers serving a two-year term. Each officer must attend 6 to 8 meetings a year, attend the Annual Conference and submit a written report to the President in January covering their previous year's activities.
Offices that expire in ODD years:
The President is the presiding officer of the Association. The President calls meetings, is the liaison between NYSLAA and other organizations, and receives annual written officer and committee reports. The president also administers the scholarship fund and NYSLAA awards.
The Treasurer receives, records, holds and disburses all monies of the Association at the direction of the Executive Council. The treasurer handles all conference financial transactions, files income tax forms, monitors funds, and prepares itemized statements of accounts.
The Corresponding Secretary reviews, updates and compiles packets of information to be sent to people inquiring about NYSLAA; works with the Public Relations Committee in promoting NYSLAA; and handles the mailing and printing of all awards and certificates. During even years the corresponding secretary is chair of the Elections Committee.
Offices that expire in EVEN years:
The Vice President shall: 1) perform the duties of the President in the President's absence; 2) serve as the Association's archivist; 3) perform other such duties as may be required.
The Membership Secretary shall: 1) receive and process membership applications; 2) maintain a list of correct names and addresses of active (both regular and associate) members of the Association; 3) supply the Election Committee with a current list of regular members; 4) chair Membership Committee; 5) perform such other duties as required.
The Recording Secretary shall: 1) keep and distribute the official record of all general sessions of the Association and of the meetings of the Executive Council; 2) chair the Newsletter Committee; 3) chair the Election Committee in odd years; 4) perform such other duties as may be required.
The Conference Coordinator shall: 1) coordinate annual conference planning; 2) Oversee creation of conference forms, programs and logo clothing; 3) negotiate conference facilities agreements; 4) perform such other duties as may be required.
How to Make a Nomination
Take an active role in your association! Consider running for office yourself. Or nominate a colleague who you believe could make a significant contribution to our organization.
Nominations must be submitted in writing. (Nominees must also accept the nomination in writing.) Follow this link for a nominating and acceptance form: Nomination Form. The form is in Adobe PDF format so you can display, update and print it with Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some fields can be typed-in right on the PDF. Please include a brief biography of the candidate with the nomination. The bio will be included with the ballot to acquaint voters with the candidate. Please mail your nomination form to the Election Committee Chair using their mailing address, postmarked by September 30th.